Hey there, fellow strangers. Oh well. Another sleepless night. This has become a thing. Bad habit.

Starting from today, or maybe starting April, the beginning of spring marks the near end of semester. It just a matter of time. Oh well, time really flies when we are busy. Especially towards the end of semesters. Assignments, group projects, presentations, tests, quizzes and examinations. They are pilling up. Soon suffocate. It is just a matter of time. I probably don’t have the time to think or blog about myself, him, or us. Study is the only thing I must to focus on now. Thinking about all of it, doesn’t make any sense at all. I won’t somehow figure things out. Sometimes that, things should be left this way.

Odd. Today’s me seems to be different from I used to be back then, a few years ago. Somehow my heart stops care about stuffs, or less care about stuffs. Somehow, it is all my brain but not my heart. What happened to me? Is it because I don’t care? Or I got tired of all the pain that I used to felt,that nearly ‘kills’ me? I don’t know. I wondered, where it went? Those overwhelming emotions I used to felt. I can always cry or I always cry when it gets into me. Those feeling. Nahh. I’m probably to scare to feel them again. They actually scare the crap out of me. This is probably for the best.

Feeling nothing. But a life without feelings, does it worth living?Am I even human if I could no longer feel normally?

Here comes another problem. Feeling empty, nothing. I’m probably just another soulless person. I’m sad. I’m pathetic. Someone, please. Fix me.


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