Another trashcan.

I need some place to vent,speak out when I have nowhere to go or no time to waste to clear my thoughts. Words must be said. My heart won’t be able to handle if I don’t do so.

Think of Ghana. First thing I thought about is you. I don’t know how am I be able to stay so far, so long without you. Possibly without stable internet, I won’t be able to speak to you, hear your voice,see your face. For two months, I’m probably will miss you like hell, miss the look of your face,the crazy laugh that you make when you tease me,the smell of you somehow baby-ish, those days where we have midnight snacks and talks till dawn, the glance that we always exchange when we are bored, speechless, or want to lip-speaking other’s gossip, the cheeky smile that you give me.

I just want you to be my side.


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